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One of the areas of fashion in which transparency appears are, among others, accessories. For example, resin and glass are being increasingly used as materials for purses, wallets, various jewelry. In today's post I decided to show phone cover which represent my fondness for transparency.

Many fashion designers also transfer the principle of transparency on clothes. An example that immediately comes to my mind is Lacoste collection which was presented at New York Fashion Week Spring Summer 2014 (like in this look).

Transparency can introduce additional value. Using a completely transparent material in places where we expect that fabric appears creates a feeling that it is not there. However, the material can have varying degrees of transparency. Azure can be also used, it is made of an opaque material and yet it will have the same function. Skirt from the collection of Jacob Bartnik SS 2015 is a great example of what I wrote.

One of my favorite assets of translucency is that it is possible to see other cloths through the first layer. It often uses the line of the body and includes it into composition of the garments which softens a look and brings more delicacy.
Photography by Dawid Wesołowski
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