attention to detail

Reserved blouse / trousers, brand unknown / altered second-hand coat /
Zara shoes / Magdalena Paszkiewicz jewellery /
I really liked this coat when I was buying it. I noticed that it didn't suit me well but I really wanted to buy it. It was second hand so it didn't take me long to convince myself. However, when I got back home and tried on that coat again, I didn't feel in it in a way I wanted to feel. When I wanted to wear it, I always ended up putting it away. I didn’t identify myself with it.

One day something like an impulse showed up, but an idea was building up over time. I did some adjustments, but mainly I changed the collar. I believe that paying attention to details, even the tiniest, is very important and it can change the character of the whole look. I feel the most comfortable when things are pure, as simple as possible and also without any unnecessary varieties. So when we have just few lines, each line becomes critical, more expressive and meaningful, you can have a greater control over the look. On the other hand when clothes have more details it is easier to create an uncontrolled chaos in outfit, which may also look good but the expressiveness somewhat disappears.
Photography by Karolina Kozłowska

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